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(30 customer reviews)
(30 customer reviews)

Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Triple Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation LDAC

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About This Item

Immerse yourself in high-quality audio with the Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Powered by innovative 40mm double-layer diaphragm drivers and equipped with LDAC codec, these headphones ensure a rich, detailed sound experience. Enjoy the upgraded three-stage noise cancelling system that adapts to your environment, guaranteeing a personalized and focused auditory journey. The Q45 offers an impressive 65 hours of playtime, with a rapid 5-minute charge yielding an additional 4 hours. Comfort is assured with an ergonomic design featuring aluminum alloy hinges, a cushioned headband, and bouncy-soft ear cups. Dual connection allows for seamless switching between devices, while the Soundcore App provides a myriad of customization options. The package comprises a USB-C cable, AUX cable, user manual, and an 18-month warranty. Compatible across all devices, the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones unlock a realm of unrivaled sonic experiences.

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Evaluates the wearability and overall comfort of the headphones, considering factors like weight, cushioning, and adjustability.


Assesses the ease of use, responsiveness, and accessibility of the headphones’ control features, including buttons, touch controls, and voice commands.


Rates the convenience of carrying the headphones, considering their foldability, weight, and overall size.


Examines the durability, material quality, and construction of the headphones, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Measures how securely the headphones fit, assessing their suitability for different activities and movements.


Evaluates the accuracy with which the headphones reproduce each frequency, ensuring a balanced and true-to-source sound.


Analyzes the depth, punch, and clarity of the bass frequencies, crucial for a rich and full sound experience.


Rates the clarity and accuracy of the midrange frequencies, where vocals and most musical instruments reside.


Assesses the crispness and brightness of the high frequencies, impacting the detail and brilliance of the sound.


Examines the ability of the headphones to create a precise and well-defined soundstage, allowing for accurate placement of instruments and vocals within the audio space.


Measures the presence of unwanted harmonic overtones that can affect the clarity and fidelity of the sound.


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Rates the longevity, charge speed, and overall performance of the headphones’ battery life.


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Over the Ear


Mainland China

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Discover the Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: A Symphony of Technology and Comfort

Introducing the Soundcore Space Q45 headphones, designed for those who appreciate high-fidelity audio and cutting-edge technology. These headphones provide a highly immersive sound experience, wherever your journey takes you.

Be at one with your music

Top 3 features

Superior Noise Cancellation

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Unbeatable Battery Life

Unbeatable Battery Life

The fully-upgraded noise cancelling system in the Space Q45 headphones expertly targets and eliminates a wide spectrum of noise—from the low hum of airplane engines to the sudden cry of a baby. Enjoy your personal space with five levels of adjustable noise cancelling and adaptive technology that automatically matches your environment, be it indoor, outdoor, commuting, or on a flight.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

Equipped with innovative 40mm double-layer diaphragm drivers made from silk and ceramic materials, the Space Q45 headphones produce sound with powerful bass and crisp treble. Supporting the hi-res LDAC codec, these headphones deliver three times more detail than standard Bluetooth codecs, providing a rich and detail-oriented listening experience.

More music. And awareness.

These headphones offer an astounding 50 hours of playtime in noise cancelling mode and up to 65 hours in normal mode. This long-lasting battery life will easily cover a round-the-world flight or weeks of commutes without the need to recharge. And if you’re running low on battery, a quick 5-minute charge gives you an additional 4 hours of playtime.

Other Product Information

Comfort Beyond Expectations

More than just a listening device, the Space Q45 headphones balance a refined design and ergonomic build for a harmonious wearing experience. The aluminum alloy hinges flex to fit your head shape, and the cushioned headband features a seamless sliding design for easy adjustment. The wider diameter ear cups, complete with soft cushioning, ensure long-lasting comfort for ears of all sizes.

AI-Enhanced Calls and Dual Connection

Whether you’re in a cafe or on a train, these headphones ensure crystal-clear call clarity with two microphones and an AI algorithm that accurately identifies and enhances your voice. The Bluetooth 5.3 and multipoint connection enable connectivity with two devices at the same time, allowing you to switch effortlessly between music, calls, and videos.

Product Details

  • Type – Headphone
  • Color – Black
  • Connector – 3.5mm
  • Weight – 0.62lb
  • Noise Cancelling – Active
  • Wireless Type -Bluetooth
  • Operating Time – 50H
  • Adaptive noise cancellation
  • TUV certified ANC
  • Hi-res & Hi-res wireless
  • 40mm double layer silk-diaphragm driver
  • LDAC high transmission technology
  • 2- mic AI noise reduction clear call
  • Transparency & Ambient aware
  • 40H with ANC on / 60H with ANC off
  • Fast charging 5 min = 4 h
  • Multi-point connection
  • Soundcore App

Package Content

  • Headphone
  • Aux-in cable
  • Type c charging cable
  • Carrying case
  • Branding card
  • QSG & Warranty card

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30 reviews for Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Triple Dynamic Active Noise Cancellation LDAC

  1. M***S

    Excelente fone.

  2. Customer


  3. W***a

    Excellent phone, very good bass, top quality this headphones are very top. Extremely comfortable recommend

  4. C***o

    Arrived very fast, they have a good sound, I will be testing these days

  5. G***l

    very good product and very good bulid quality also very good value for the money. highly recommended.

  6. Customer

    The product arrived in excellent condition in my hands. The only detail was some corners a little crushed but nothing to affect the product inside the box. Still came with the cellophane sealed. The product works up to the moment impeccable, I already have it in my hands a few days ago. Had an arrival date of March 3 and February 22 arrived so happy with that. I recommend the store to other users.

  7. o***e


  8. O***o

    I can’t believe these headphones cost me only $ 2200mxn. Incredible for that price, the construction is very good, they feel very good quality and high-end headphones, they are quite comfortable and both the sound and the functions are quite good.

  9. J***s

    I was worried that they would not reach me or it was not real but they arrived in perfect condition and I take them to use them for several hours, and I really liked them. It came to Me in approximately 15 days

  10. c***n

    The product arrived 11 days ahead of schedule, happy, excellent, just need to test it. A thousand thanks to the seller. Clear follow-up at all times.

  11. M***v

    Like headphones! Came even earlier than expected. I recommend it.

  12. E***z

    All excellent, blue color, very comfortable previously had some a10 oneodium, but it was throne and did not last long, and this one has metal headband, the quality of the material is very good, the app is very good, very good noise cancellation, generally worth the price, More inf in Eliid3a you tub e, only 10 days to reach CDMX, I ordered them on the 13th and they arrived today 23 – 03 – 23, very happy with the purchase, I arrived with sealed box

  13. A***v

    Quality and materials and sound are at the height, I accidentally press the buttons-when I take off and put on, I would like a combination of ambition (with a cloth to my head)

  14. M***a

    Wonderful phone, nothing to complain about. High resolution, battery that lasts long time and fast charging. Very beautiful too

  15. y***o

    Anker products are very good. I have the Q30 and now that I bought the Q45 I have not seen so much difference in the sound to connect the LDAC The deal greatly improves the audio quality, ANC works a little better than the Q30 which was already good, battery lasts a lot. For the amount paid is one of the best I ‘ve ever had

  16. E***z

    Works well… fast shipping I think 1 or 2 weeks… Well packed with bubble wrap. Arrived without blows or marks. I leave you my low EQ 6/6/-4/3/2/6/-4/2.5 They sound good, it came from the Q30, not that you notice too much change, but that’s okay, this one has Ldac, but to activate it you have to deactivate in the app the option to connect 2 headphones and then you go to “sound mode” and you check the option Ldac… Use with Tidal, which has better sound quality. And enjoy: 3

  17. I***a

    Putz what an amazing sound!! The noise cancellation is fantastic, the first impression I found excellent, and the comfort itself I found to be good, I as I have bigger ears I was worried but it became super well fitted, my use will be MTO the connection via TV for entertainment music movies etc… delay 0, Only connected to TV the sound is lower compared to mobile phone and PC, it should be the limitation of the TV and the safety of the decibels maybe, but this great! I recommend too much

  18. a***r

    I am charming with my purchase, the seller always very attentive, arrived before the date, well packed, fully recommended.

  19. R***.

    Everything worked incredible at first, but almost a month has passed since I acquired them and the right speaker when it plays music or sounds makes a tingling noise, it’s quite uncomfortable I don’t know if it’s going to be a hardware problem or something else, I ‘ve taken care of them a lot since I ‘ve got them, Arrived well encumbered with a lot of protection and the battery lasts a lot, the ANC is very good too and they are quite comfortable.

  20. a***r

    Excellent! The handset has high sound quality, when associated with the soundcore app, it can bring you a very immersive and enjoyable experience, being able to bring pleasure in different types of rhythms. I recommend it. The product arrived in perfect condition and before the deadline, taking 13 days to reach the big river from the south.

  21. D***o

    Excellent Product, arrived very fast in less than 2 weeks, good quality, sound incredibly goodDelighted with the purchase, I recommend them 100% the battery lasts a long time, the case is simple but looks quite good and fulfills its function! For the price is a great product.

  22. Customer

    Unfortunately there was a better promotion than the one I bought a little after placing the order, but other than that arrived in 14 days, excellent product.

  23. M***e

    Excellent headphones, the ANC is very good, it is heard very well and with an application as a Tidal the quality of the music is used even more, it took 3 weeks to reach chili and they passed without customs so everything excellent.

  24. m***s

    Original product, with great settings, excellent sound quality, I bought it 02/06 day and it came day 16/06 shipping speed, well protected product.

  25. S***l

    Really impressed about the quality and deal of the order from the seller, my order arrived without any damage, all in perfect condition and functional, original and beautiful quality hearing aids, I really recommend buying them!

  26. S***a

    Seller: He’s very attentive and quick to respond, he would really buy here again. Declared the product in less than 50 USD. Shipping: arrived about a week earlier than expected and came perfectly packed (almost 3 layers of bubble). Also they did not charge me tax thanks to the seller. Product: It is the first time that I buy this brand and the quality is simply impressive in both construction and audio. I recommend you search YouTube about the model for more details. User Experience: The headphones look beautiful and the touch is even better, they do not creak or make unnecessary sounds. Sound and noise cancellation are better than I expected, I was comparing them with the Sony WH-1000XM4 of a friend and for the price difference the competition is incredible: they are practically on par in everything. Obviously doesn’t mean they’re better, but I repeat that you just can’t ask them for more because they cost less than half the Sony. Recommended 100%!

  27. E***l

    Very satisfied. Speed of shipping. The quality of materials. It’s very cool. What if you notice is that if you connect them with 3.5 cable, the Audio increases or increases in volume but as q it is lost warm. And with Bluetooth the quality is much better is heard very very well but the audio as you lower the volume of everything else very very well

  28. R***a

    Excellent product Super qualified and reliable seller congratulations for the service and agility in the shipment

  29. V***k

    Delivery to Ukraine-Moscow. Selling, having made a good shvidko, ale yakshchi viriti trekking-the post-up has risen in price to add something to the end. Earphones original. Good pakuvanya. Pluses: good noise, practical etalonny mode of perspicacity. The quality of the vikonannya and the materials are on the Visot! Minushi: I will turn on the NC mode, I don’t want a piece of Rusnya… How did it go?

  30. R***o

    Arrived fast, it is an original product and they packed it very well. The headphones are somewhat heavy but super comfortable and the sound is amazing! Noise cancellation works wonderfully. Comes with everything mentioned I tried them and I am very happy with my purchase, the truth is an excellent product and it is very worth it for the price.

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